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Land investment

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1) medical courier (car, van & Box truck $1200-2500/w, 2)independent carrier(van, sprinter), 3) Airport delivery, 4) moving(free load board), 5)dispatcher (free load board), 6)broker(free load board), 7) Start a trucking company(she charge $600, DOT/MC application), a)own authority, b)lease to big(Mercer, knight) & small companies(More money) but drive myself, 8)truck driver(lease operator owner operator)(CDL permit test, test outside DMV, 2, ) $2500/w,, work for Mercer, knight, small companies (more money) 9) TURO-Car, 10)wrapify, 11) Amazon relay big loads (guarantee loads), Amazon Flex App(Tafa-small boxes, not all cities) $3000/m, 12) startup funding setup(sell website), 13) fully Remote Home services, 14) Dump trailer business(beeeeeest)

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6×12 enclosed trailer long distance business all sizes from 5×8 to 8.5 to 16 enclosed trailer business. Buy them from these companies: klien quality trailer, best choice trailer, Hampton trailer, Bish, buckeye, RV Vans for sale- Colton RV, Cheap use semi trucks for sale

Dump trailer business 1)Dump trailer with low walls- $100,000/m garbage account / Dump trailer rental/junk $10,000/m. Moritz-9990IB(6×10) , iron bull-14,000IB(14/16×7, 3way gates) CDL needed, 2)Dump trailer w high Walls junk removal, 3)Dump truck junk removal,

Manding/ (MIF) bank = – AliExp(manufacturing & farming products. (clothing brands,) + + 4politics/military/weapon + 5Islam(followQuran food to eat videos). Infrastructure, tel, health, fighting corruption, imams control money, lawyer Darboe singer,, visa

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Residential Assisted Living for Seniors by hiring license administrator for $5k/m managing 2-4homes (5-10 bedrooms for each home) VS Group Homes model( working with Landlords),

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Pressure washing business without doing the job, just like moving

Pallet business

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kitabu – Changing lives eg. Cold-room storage , Mini-mall, ground nut cooking oil/butter(buy machine from Alibaba), (80/20% profit share I put up the money. You own 80%, I own 20%) Darboe,

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