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Cut 30-60 minutes of each same video and post to short channel, TikTok, Instagram/vidshortz etc. And Put both my Fiverr & Upwork links and Fiverr affiliate Link (gig sites) and skillshare $7 trial in the description. three channels: 1 affilates/lin, 2 affiliate/my fiverr gigs, 3 job affiliate site, 3 vidshortz/Speeed(Quora)(create VIDEO ADS for all social Flexclip/Helloads/canva(spinzign & snappa canva images), manyad, extremeadz, adscript, ecourseagency/Invideo/videorobot )

Social Media Marketing manager, Social Media management, create Social Media accounts, Social Media manager, Social Media content creator and strategist,

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business—-tiktok, yt shorts and video

Sure I will be happy to help you with my services, as below mentioned.
I will manage your accounts with:
-create catchy posts- images related to your business – logo & website link will be added to the post
-create short captions/descriptions per each post to attract the audience. use MANYADS
-search and usage of trending hashtags -to reach more audiences – your business page will appear on the search of the ones looking with a specific hashtag

  • schedule your posts to go live at the best time- to reach a bigger audience

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SpinZign/ocoya/snappa(buffer) both images & poster or use Photoshop and get images from Upwork and use those images over and over again

social media management on upwork/fiverr and SpinZign/ocoya/snappa(provide both images) and ecourseagency/Invideo/videorobot (provide videos to advertise the gig on YouTube). extremeadz(fb IG and tiktok video creator) Zairp all in one, Xcelerate-do many,  socialPilot,, Marketibot(all in one, (Snappa vs Sociamonial vs ocaya),


$10,000 on Fiverr LinkedIn Upwork and freelancers , SEOCLERKS, Latium, three steps using

STEP 1: They create multiple seller profiles on directories like Fiverr,, and Upwork.

On Fiverr, they’ll do like 50+ different listings in multiple languages, as follows:

  • I will record a young adult male American voiceover
  • I will record an old female German voiceover

and so on…

STEP 2: They advertise delivery in under 24 hours.

This step is very IMPORTANT as most clients will go with a new voiceover seller over an established if it means they get it delivered sooner.

STEP 3: They do the fulfillment using an A.I.-powered TTS (Text to Speech) software.

email copy with 950 email templates

Social media jobs from cb

logo maker – brandgrowd, design crowd on



peksta( ecom products research)

Use Invideo to make ad video sample and videos ,

My Own Ultrafunnels(all jv pages, local sites), Blox, all-in-one funnel builder, VidRaffle, Mailermatic-sender, allclick, socibot, socialjacker

$10,000 voice over,/profitVoice even your own or some one voice over
BOTH PRODUCTS VIDEO ADS(downloads from YT/aliexpress or use tools below

1 – $500 per day freelancing extremeadz +localio, EXTREAME ADZ ANIMATE MOVING AD AND LOCALIO AD TEXT COPY VIDRIFFLE, create video ads for all social Helloads, manyad, extreme adz, adscript, WP LINK NINJA

2 – Shopify product video ads using invideo/pr

Bonuses: emailing local businesses

skilldhare pay $7 for trial. Make $7000 sending SEO service to local businesses

Create Apps for local websites

Check100 local service here

Fiverr BOBO