PHASE 1) Learner’s permit Test Exam

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Required documents for Standard permit or Enhance/Real permit

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Then schedule your Learner’s permit Test Appointment:

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PHASE 2) Get Driver’s license Itself In Three Steps:

STEP 1: Choose our driving school to learn driving behind the wheel, and see What should you learn with your driving school

Pre-Drive Test knowledge:

IDENTIFY: 1 right, left & stop signals 2 brake 3 head light 4 windshield wipers 5 hazards 6 parking brake 7 horn 8 gear shifter

BASICS: Steering control, Lane positioning, Speed control, Smooth braking, Traffic check, Right of way rules, Navigating the curve road, Left turns, Right turns, Curbside parking, Reversing alongside the curb

MAYBE: Slow speed maneuvers: (1. two and three points turns, 2. Parallel parking, 3. Parking along the curb), and Few Lane changes

Our pricing:

1h is $50
2h is $80
3h is $115

Pick up and dropp off service is $30

Road test car rental service is $110.

STEP TWO:: Take 5 hours pre-licensing course online: Click here to choose


STEP THREE: Then we schedule your Road Test Appointment: Click here to choose

Automatic Failure

Speed, Space management,, Communication, Observation, Practice

Park to the curb technique add gum

Parking: parallel parking videoand reverse parking



Brake and Gas


Defensive Driving techniques

Become instructor